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Understanding the I Ching

This video explains the basics of the I Ching, an ancient system for discovering your own personal Tao, and how the Tao is flowing for you Now! 


Your Personal Tao (Path)

The I Ching (Ye Ching), the 3,000 year old "Book of Changes" or "Book of Transformation” based on the Tao Te Ching. Call it the Quantum Field, God, Chi, or the Life Force, Tao is the moving energy field where things come into being, live and then return to the Source.

Ancient Chinese sages saw the Tao moving in nature, in the seasons, in Heaven and on Earth. They devised this system of divination that can tell us how the Tao is flowing, so you can act (or wait) according to the signs.

I am a student, an interpreter of the I Ching, studying and using it for over 30 years. It is a sublime, powerful and accurate method of guidance, alerting us to the Tao’s movement. Knowing how the signs of the times are moving, we can make better plans that comport with how the Tao is moving.


1. Personalized Readings: Receive tailored I Ching readings based on your specific questions and concerns. Whether you seek guidance on relationships, career decisions, or personal growth, the I Ching can illuminate your path.

2. Taoist Wisdom: Benefit from my extensive knowledge of Taoist philosophy, which enhances the depth and accuracy of your readings. Understand the fundamental principles of living in harmony with the Tao.

3. Timing and Action: Discover the opportune moments to take decisive action or exercise patience. The I Ching is a compass, pointing you towards the flow of the Tao and the right timing for your endeavors.

 I hope that you will allow me to do a reading for you. Thank you,




Readings for the Times

Monthly I Ching Readings

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August 2023  

September 2023  

November 2023

January 2024

December 2023


I recently had an I Ching reading with Johnny that proved to be very insightful, prompting me to explore avenues I’d not considered, which opened up new paths to follow.

Johnny is clearly comfortable with the I Ching and was extremely helpful in providing both background information and detailed observations, which he personalized for me.


I felt cared for and had complete faith in him to serve as a guide throughout the reading. I highly

recommend him if you are interested in pursuing your own I Ching reading.

— Rob H. Geyer, author of the “Little Buddha” series 

I have always had an interest in the I Ching but was never quite sure if I would find someone who could not only offer me a reading but also care enough to explain what the I Ching is capable of revealing.


My reading with Rev. Johnny was both interesting and informative. It has helped me to feel more centered on my course of action going forward.

— Margaret Reinold, CEO @ I Am Worth It Wellness

I benefited from a really beautiful I Ching session with Johnny Frederick. It was everything that I needed to hear and beyond.

 It is curious how even one session can create big changes within us. I heard what I needed and I also got to experience a sense of direction. When I got home that day, I no longer felt a sense of confusion but I was able to reach an inner state of acceptance.

Johnny is not only talented at doing I Ching readings, but has a real talent for tuning into the spiritual realms, giving you the message that you need to hear.

I recommend him not only for his talents but because I trust this new information will be giving my life very clear directions -- new beginnings that had been slow coming and were well needed. 

— Tara Vatanpour, Fine Arts, Fashion & Psychic Somatic Relations


Basic Reading —  $75/€65

                                                      + 20% TVA

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