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John Frederick, ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual tour guide, draws on over thirty years of personal experience in his own life-journey, through twelve-step recovery, studying metaphysics, pastoral counseling, dream-work, prosperity teaching, and walking spiritual paths to physical healing. John has a true “rags-to-riches” story.

In his teens, addictions slowly turned his life into one of desperation, loneliness, poverty, and hopelessness. Through the miracle of recovery and the discovery of metaphysical principles—practical spiritual laws that heal past traumas, dissolve old ideas, inspiring new ideas and beliefs, true beliefs that work—John’s life has turned around180°.

A successful author, healthy after several life-threatening illnesses, and living his dream in Paris, France, John can help you find your way to wholeness, prosperity, and success. Through Prosperity Now! principles, you can discover where your life has been, where it is headed, discover your goals and dreams, and find a roadmap to your new, better, more abundant and prosperous life!

Helping you discover your passion and the joy of living is John’s gift. In keeping with his motto, Vivez Joyeaux (Live Joyously) John’s insights and techniques enliven, inspire, improve any circumstance, and give new direction to anyone who wants to live in Prosperity Now!

My mission:

To teach and to heal, using spiritual truths as I grow in understanding and love. I am a joyful example of the power of Spirit to overcome all obstacles.

My vision:

I bring inspiration, hope, and peace of mind to all who seek it, and I bring compassion and patience to those who suffer. I grow in joy, understanding, and love.

“Prosperity Now’s twelve-week program will help many people for years to come. The use of the Twelve Steps as a framework is powerful and effective. For people unfamiliar with the Twelve Step spiritual program, this is a good introduction. John’s personal testimony gives the course strength and authenticity. In the book, I especially enjoyed John’s travels to Paris, the Waldorf Salad story, and the NYC Thanksgiving Parade story. As a teacher of Interfaith students at a seminary, I found the use of Interfaith quotes and affirmations most beneficial.”

— Rev. Dr. Kathleen T. Regan, Dean, All Faiths Seminary International (New York, NY)


“John Frederick’s “Prosperity Now!” is a transformational twelve-week journey you will take to tune into your prosperous mind. It’s insightful, profound, and life-changing. I have had many aha moments throughout the course, a lot of confirmations, and wonderful insights. I am very thankful and blessed to have taken part in this wonderful journey. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to change their life for the better and start living in abundance.”

— Maja Savić, holistic coach & healer, jazz vocalist, voice coach, meditation teacher, founder of QInspired Life, and Prosperity Now! student (Paris, France)


"My dear, good brother John introduced me to his course with its warm and loving spiritual insights on how the universe is filled with abundance! Prosperity Now! is for me a way to redirect my thoughts and mind, and tune into the abundance of the universe. John has mastered this in a very spiritual and loving way that builds foundations of peace within, and that is rooted deeply in the soul of gratitude. My life is filled with happiness and abundance."

— Ladell McLin, international blues musician, singer-songwriter, music producer, and Prosperity Now! student (Paris, France)

Prosperity Now! contains valuable keys that create a consciousness of prosperity, which leads to the experience of a most rewarding life.

John Frederick beautifully blends wisdom from his own lived experience and from the great teachers of our time to create a common sense approach that helps transform a mentality of lack to a mentality of sufficiency and prosperity.

— Sam House, MCC, CPCC 

(Delmar, NY)


“The Prosperity Now! sessions have been a mind and heart opening experience. They have opened my vision of what abundance truly is and what living a successful life means to me personally. I took the course twice and got different information each time. This step-by-step approach is very well put together: clearly and progressively. John’s life experiences illustrate every point in a real and lively manner. I highly recommend the book or the coaching sessions. They have changed my life.”

— Maylin Pultar, international singer-songwriter,

world music performer (Paris, France)

“Prosperity Now! will have you thinking in new, life-changing, life-affirming ways that will help you get out of your own way so prosperity can make its way through to you. Thank you, John Frederick, for this game-changer!”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and award-winning author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place (Marquette, MI)

Prosperity Now is a gem for all who seek to live their everyday lives from a place of life-affirming prosperity consciousness.

John Frederick’s personal life experiences and profound healing path are perhaps the most compelling testimony about the power and integrity of this book’s prosperity principles. John’s weave of great teachings with practical every day application has been life-changing.

Thank you, John!

— Heather Diddel, Attorney and Prosperity Now! student

“Prosperity Now! by Rev John Frederick is destined to become a prosperity classic. The book is a masterful blending of Twelve Step work, A Course in Miracles, New Thought, Taoism, and more. 

John’s accounts of his personal experiences along the journey to a prosperous life, along with stories and comments from others, keeps the book engaging from beginning to end. Prosperity Now! is a great resource for those seeking to create a more prosperous and fulfilling life, as well as those of us looking for some inspiration and tools for stepping up our prosperity.”

— Rev. Jim & Rev. Kay Fuller (Charlotte, NC)

“In Prosperity Now! John provides wonderful and accessible, real-world examples of how the universal laws work, along with ways we can utilize those laws to create our best and fullest lives. This book is a necessary tool for everyone.”

— Jennifer Selkirk, special education teacher and Prosperity Now! student (Albany, NY)

“Prosperity Now! has been a life-changing blessing. I realized for years that the Robin deep down inside was desperate for change, but also I knew a change was not going to happen. I was endlessly going in circles. Prosperity Now! appeared in a random moment of clarity while my father was visiting from Paris for Christmas! I admired his serenity, and I desperately wished I had my life as together as he did. In that moment, I decided I was ready to finally listen to my inner wisdom: Now is your moment, Robin! I recently finished the course. I am going through new awakenings, and inside, I know the transformation is happening. I feel myself awakening and my mind opening up to thoughts, beliefs, and emotions I would have either dismissed before or I was to blind to appreciate. The process is a new, amazing part of my life, and being able to be a part of such a wonderful experience with my father as my mentor is something I cannot even put into words!”

— Robin DeFilipo, teacher and Prosperity Now! student

(Long Island, NY)

“Over the years, I have watched John Frederick from a distance as he manifested his dreams in ways that appeared to be miraculous. Having read Prosperity Now!, I now believe the “miracles” are a result of several actions: surrendering unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, “seeing things right” not “setting them right,” and a readiness to accept that the wisdom and beneficence of the universe is within one’s self. His methodic, step-by-Twelve-Step principle approach using real life success stories is an effective tool for readers who desire to manifest their dreams.”

— Dottie Frament, OTR, BCST, LMT, and Prosperity Now! student

(Albany, NY)

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