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You may not be familiar with Esther Hicks, but she has been helping millions by applying the Law of Attraction in their lives. Esther is inspired to speak the wisdom of a collective spiritual entity that call themselves Abraham. Most people commonly refer to these messages as coming from Abraham-Hicks.


The teachings of Abraham can be summed up as a clarification of the basics of the Law of Attraction and the practical application of that Law of the Universe in our daily lives.


This is my short definition of the Law of Attraction:


Human beings are powerful energy generators, creating both the world and their experiences in it through their thoughts and especially feelings.

At our deepest levels of thought and feeling, we believe and perceive.

Then, we project those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs out onto a neutral “world” (the Tao, the Quantum Field, the Substance of God). Through those projections, we see – we attract – what we expect to see.

The world flashes back at us in real time, our deepest inner life.


It is a simple concept, yet quite complex in its application. Many people dismiss it as a simplistic philosophy of little importance, assuming that trite positive thoughts are what is suggested.


A profound misuse of the Law of Attraction is, “If you only think positive thoughts, you wouldn't have had that                              (car accident, cancer, got fired, etc.) Worse by far is to say that to someone who is in pain or in trouble.


That attitude is what I call, spiritual malpractice, or some call it a spiritual bypass. It’s the mistaken notion that deep trauma, deeply ingrained old beliefs, difficult patterns of behavior, old family dynamics, etc. can be wished away or papered over with cute, sunny affirmations and positive thinking.


While positive thinking is a powerful part of the Law of Attraction, it is of little use when a person’s deepest underlying belief system is generating misinformation, lies, dysfunction and old beliefs that either never worked, or stopped working long ago.


To properly approach the Law of Attraction, we must have the courage – perhaps the desperation – to begin to unwind the old, the tired, the stale, the deep-rooted ideas of the past, of the world, of the church or school or parents or media – and replace those ideas with fresh and new ideas – truer and more effective ways of thinking, feeling, and believing.


So, the Law of Attraction does not let us off the hook with a simplistic formula of thinking good thoughts to get good results. It just doesn’t work that way!


Abraham-Hicks talks often about The Wobble, the interplay between the old thoughts, the old system and the new energies we wish to cultivate, to marinate in, to bask in, and to bring to us the good that the Universe has in store for us.


In this talk (linked above), Abraham says:


[The] Law of Attraction is responding to you right here right now so if you want it, but you doubt it – there's a wobble going on…


Spiritual development is not a straight line. It is a zig-zag path with many twists and turns, many setbacks, and switchbacks on our way up the mountain.


In Tao Te Ching Poem # 45 says:


True perfection seems imperfect,

yet it is perfectly itself.

True fullness seems empty,

yet it is fully present.


True straightness seems crooked.

True wisdom seems foolish.

True art seems artless.


The Master allows things to happen.

\She shapes events as they come.

She steps out of the way

and lets the Tao speak for itself.

(translation by Stephen Mitchell, 1995)


We’re in the zone; we’re out of the zone.

We’re riding high; we’re down low.

We’re feeling elation and joy; we’re depressed and discouraged.


You might relate?


On the spiritual path, working with the Law of Attraction, we cannot rely on belief alone. There is action involved, and some of it is daunting. Take the story of one of the earliest New Thought writers, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.


Quimby was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the early 19th century, a time when medicine had no cure for TB. He began riding horses and noticed that the intense excitement of riding relieved his symptoms for some time afterwards.


He realized that something in his mental/emotional/physical makeup was working to heal his illness and he began to look at the connection between mind and body. 


Although the phrase, "Law of Attraction," would come later in the 19th century, he wrote this:


…the trouble is in the mind, for the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in, and we put a value on it according to its worth. Therefore if your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy into a belief, you have put it into the form of a disease, with or without your knowledge. By my theory or truth, I come in contact with your enemy and restore you to your health and happiness. This I do partly mentally and partly by talking till I correct the wrong impressions and establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure.

(From the Quimby manuscripts)


“…. partly mentally and partly by talking till I correct the wrong impressions an establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure.”


An easy short-hand way to describe the formula for spiritual awakening and spiritual development is: Awareness, Acceptance, Action.


Awareness that we are not living our best life.

Acceptance that we are who we are, and we are where we are at in this moment.

Action to begin the process of change, whether it is meditating, taking a yoga class, or going horseback riding.


The Wobble is the in-again, out-again dance that we will experience throughout the process, for the rest of our natural lives in physical form. The trick is to be aware of it, to accept it and to take action to move back out of the depression and discouragement and back up into the elation and joy.


Enjoy the journey!


Happy Sunday,




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