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Purple crocuses bloom in a field with snowy mountains in the distance
I am rooted in the invisible substance of God


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the Buddhist chant Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō and how it was helping me stabilize my mind and my thoughts.


In the weeks since, I have continued to chant 20 minutes, consistently every morning (no one could be more surprised than I). I find that my day is more organized, and I am more productive.


Recent weeks have brought a lot of paperwork and administrative duties as I outlined in last week’s blog post, LIVING IN THE AMBIGUITY. Somehow (I know how) the documents are compiled, I find the missing item (I know it was here, but now it’s moved….) and the gods of the internet cooperate to help me electronically send the file(s) off to the right person or institution.


Chanting is practical and it works!


Another recent blog post spoke, at least in part, about the practicality of the Spiritual. In Decide and You Are Practically Healed I wrote:


It’s a great coincidence that many of my spiritual paths for growth – paths that have healed me from debilitating addictions and physical illness, and have given me some measure of emotional balance, and more than a few mystical experiences – they all describe themselves as “practical.”


Who knew?


In that blog post I said that one of my favorite affirmations is:


Be realistic. Expect a miracle!


Another one along those lines is also a favorite of mine, and it reminds me where the practical, where the realistic, where the solidity of life lies:


I am rooted in the invisible.


The 99.999% of Reality I cannot see is where it all happens; it’s what it’s all about; it is the solid underpinning – what Charles Fillmore called substance – that stands under the ephemeral world of the physical.

Fillmore writes:


The fact is that the greatest discovery of all ages is that of physical science that all things apparently have their source in the invisible….


Fillmore goes on in many of his writings to explain that this substance, the very essence of God, of the Universe, is everywhere present and we can shape and form this substance into whatever we desire, by our thoughts, words, beliefs and – in sum – by our faith.


We are doing it all the time. The question is: are we doing it consciously, or unconsciously?


Round about the 19th or 20th of March (depending on where you live) was the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The time when the earth begins to warm, the sun is directly overhead of the line of the equator, and people begin to think of planting seeds or flowers. Life, that appeared dead, was in fact just sleeping and begins to stir.


Most plants need soil to root in, although many plants do nicely in water, and some – so-called “air plants” can even “root” in the air! However, all need some substance in which to grow, to thrive, to flourish.


In the cosmic world of the I Ching, Hexagram #30 is made up of the trigram for Fire doubled. It is also called, The Clinging. Fire must cling to its source, or it will soon go out.


The hexagram and the image of Fire also relate to the eye – and seeing with clarity! When we can clearly see a situation, a person, ourselves, life, God, whatever, then knowing what to do (or not do) is easy. Clarity of mind, clarity of heart, clarity of vision – these are necessary to living a successful life, free of confusion and unnecessary difficulties.


When we are “rooted in the invisible” when we cling to the Source of all wisdom – that knows what we need even before we ask – we are clearly guided, directed, shown.


An old story goes:


A person was visited by some friends who had never seen their home before. The home was a beautiful place, set back in the woods, surrounded by wilderness on all sides – wild woods thick with trees and undergrowth.


Proudly showing off their home, the visitors were especially awed by the beautiful garden, with its winding stone paths, many varieties of trees, shrubs and flower beds and beautiful places to sit and contemplate the loveliness all around.


One of the guests gushed, “Oh this is so amazing and lovely. It’s marvelous what God can do.”


The host, a bit amused said, “Thank you. You should have seen it before, when God was in charge alone.”


The point is, of course, we have a hand in the making of “something out of nothing.” We are instrumental in co-creating with God – life, beauty, new inventions, abundance, happiness, and joy – for ourselves and for others.


Root yourself in the invisible. Find and practice –cultivate – spiritual practices that sing to you, call you, work for you, float your boat, bring you joy, connect you to your Higher Self and root you in the invisible that is at the heart of all things.


When we realize that we are – that everything is – 99.999% invisible substance, we can play with it, till the soil and can call into manifestation anything we want: health, wealth, joy, peace of mind, new life, new love, happiness, miracles – anything!


It’s Spring!


Happy Sunday,




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